You got a dog because you wanted your family to be happier and have more fun.labradore puppy 

But your dog’s selective hearing and bad manners (as well as a few other quirks) are making things LESS happy and fun! In fact, your dog is making life really stressful!

We get it, and it’s not your fault! Every family we talk to has the same struggles!

You ever wish your dog would calm down when you really need them to… come when you call them and (for the love of all that is good in the world!) please not drag you down the street on every single walk?

Wish you could get your dog to listen without having to go to weeks and weeks and weeks of classes that don’t seem to accomplish anything?

Tried other training and STILL having some trouble?

You’re in the right place.

beagle pawImagine your dog happily staying close by while off leash, instead of running off into the next neighborhood!

Imagine your dog understanding exactly what you want, instead of looking at you like you’re the crazy one!

Imagine them walking next to you politely while on leash, instead of dragging you like a sled dog in front of your neighbors!

Doesn’t that sound so much nicer? So much less embarassing?

Give us a call now and tell us everything that’s happening with your dog!

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