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All of our programs will help you with some of the biggest things that many families get frustrated with.  Jumping, pulling on the leash, stealing objects, chewing, play biting, not coming when they’re called… These things will soon be problems of the past!

We have a private training option for everyone, with the biggest difference between our programs being how much time we spend together AND how much time we spend with your dog 1-on-1.  These programs offer a variety of options for lessons, and “school days” for your dog.

The more time we have with your pup, the farther along they get in less time, and the less work it is for you! What could be better?

Some of our programs also offer long term support, so that you can rest easy knowing we’re always here for you! Now that’s some peace of mind!

              What does life look like if nothing changes? Or what if it gets WORSE?!                      

Get in touch and let’s talk… we’re here to listen!

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Our Most Popular Dog Training Programs 

The Good Dog Program


You know why you got a dog, at least…why you wanted one in the first place.  “It’ll be fun!” you thought.  “Dogs are awesome!” everyone says.   

But being dragged down the street by your crazy dog isn’t fun. Your dog jumping all over everyone isn’t awesome. None of this is what you wanted, and you’re overwhelmed with problems!

Fortunately, those problems won’t be sticking around!  That fun, that awesome, it can all happen with a dog that behaves!

This program is perfect for families who really want to put the time and energy into getting their dogs to listen more around the house, to walk nicely on a leash, get off of things (and people) when you need them to, and just generally listen.

Here are just a few of the Good Dog features: 

  • 5 Bi Weekly Lessons (in your home!)

  • Group Class Video Series (to learn even more!)

  • 6 Months of Follow Up Support (we’re here anytime you have questions!)

Pink dog bone      Pink dog bone      Pink dog bone

The Great Dog Program


You’d love to be involved in the day-to-day part of training your dog, and understanding your dog more, but life is super crazy! We totally get it… So why not let us give you some help with that?

We’ll come to pick up your dog for training time (school days with Melissa) for 4 separate days after your first few lessons, and bring them home to you with some more SKILLS!

Your dog having that time with us will save you tons of time and effort,  so we can really push your pup to master the really important things!

This program is perfect for families who want to be involved in training but would also really appreciate saving time and ensuring better results.

And you’ll get a huge bonus – a polishing lesson with us that you can use anytime in the future if you and your doggo need a little refresher on anything at all. 

Here are just a few of the Great Dog Features:

  • 5 Days of 1-on-1 Training for your dog with Melissa

  • 8 Lessons (in your home or in public!)                                                                                                       

  • 1 Zoom Check In (to ensure we stay on track)                                                                          

  • 1 Round of Group Class (5 weeks of classes to practice around other families like yours)              

  • 1 private polishing lesson at your house that you can use anytime.


Pink dog bone      Pink dog bone      Pink dog bone

The Awesome Dog Program

You want to know that everything you need, from now on, is 100% covered, no matter what, because the dog you have right now isn’t the dog you hoped to have and you need change!

You want results, and you want them to last? We’ve got you.

Want your dog to listen off leash? We’ll do it.

Need your puppy to grow up and be awesome, instead of being a psycho savage with teeth?  We’re totally on it!

This program is for the family that wants the absolute best training experience possible. Your dog will spend more time with us, so the training is even faster and easier for you!

More time with us means that your dog will learn more, too. They’ll be able to listen even when there are a lot of things going on (like at the park, when you have a party, or anytime your dog currently acts like you don’t exist). 

They’ll also come back when you call them if they get out, and listen around the house without having to physically be near them, like to get them off the couch or away from the front door when you have company coming in!

This program includes the ultimate in long-term support for your peace of mind, too. Unlimited lessons at your house (which we can also use if you want some help during a party or some other event!), unlimited commands (teach new things when you want to!), and zoom check-in’s (to ensure things stay awesome). 

And because this is such a comprehensive program, it’s PERFECT for puppies, since so many challenges arise during puppyhood! With this program, we can be sure to tackle ANY struggles that arise, as well as prevent them!

Here are just a few of the Awesome Dog features:

  • UNLIMITED School Days for your dog (with Melissa)

  • UNLIMITED Lessons (in your home!)

  • UNLIMITED Zoom Check- in’s (to ensure things stay awesome)

  • UNLIMITED Group Classes (to practice around other families like yours)

(payment options available)

Pink dog bonePink dog bonePink dog bone

The Brave Dog Program

Is your dog afraid of life? Are they nervous creatures inside, or outside your home? They may be shy or timid by nature, struggle with fears, insecurities, or anxieties, and have a hard time listening to you because of these things!

This program is perfect for families with those poor dogs in need of much more confidence, AND better listening skills.

Here are a few of the Brave Dog features:

  • 10 lessons in your home 
  • 1 Zoom Check- in
  • Unlimited Training Video Access
  • 1 Year of Follow Up Support (we’re here anytime you have questions!)
  • 1 Round of Group Class (5 weeks of class to practice around other families like yours)

What does life look like if nothing changes? 
What if it gets WORSE?!   Get in touch and let’s talk… we’re here to listen!

~  please note, there’s limited availability, so don’t delay ~

Didn’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s chat about all the ways we can customize!

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